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Child & Adolescent Services

Components of the Children and Adolescent Services include individual, group, and family therapy, as well as psychosocial services, Home-Based Treatment and Therapeutic Foster Care. All of these programs are designed to help children and their families resolve emotional conflicts, develop effective ways to interact, and experience positive relationships in a safe and caring environment.

The programs are staffed by master's and bachelor's level therapists, activity therapists, licensed nursing staff, as well as a board-certified psychiatrist.

Specialized Children and Adolescent Services

Lookout Mountain FIRST (Families Improving Relationships and Succeeding Together)

LMCS' FIRST Program is an intensive, behaviorally-oriented, short-term, in-home treatment service for families which serves children and families experiencing significant behavioral, relational and other mental health challenges and who may be at risk of psychiatric hospitalization or out-of-home placement.  By helping parents and children develop healthier relationships and positive communication skills, our staff hope to create nurturing family settings where all members can thrive.

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Therapeutic Foster Care

When it is necessary for children to be placed outside the home, LMCS has two options: Therapeutic Foster Care or Therapeutic Group Homes.

  • Therapeutic Foster Care
    LMCS recruits, contracts with, and trains couples to provide a nurturing environment for children who must be placed outside their natural home environment.  These parents are taught to provide a therapeutic and nurturing environment in which the child can realize a more positive self-image, eliminate negative behaviors, and experience stability in the home setting.

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