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Job Opportunities


        Nurse Practitioner 

        Licensed Practical Nurse- Magnolia C.L.A. Kaleidoscope I/DD program

        Licensed Practical Nurse- Outpatient Clinic  

        Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) 

        Child and Family Specialist-APEX 

Client Support Worker- Chickamauga and Summerville Kaleidoscope I/DD program 

Client Support Worker-Magnolia C.L.A. Kaleidoscope I/DD program  

Substance Abuse Counselor

Behavioral Health Counselor


Recovery Services-Supported Employment  

Employment Specialist-Recovery Services 




Care Coordinator Region 1 and Region 6   

Vehicle Operator   

Applying for Positions

To apply for position with Lookout Mountain Community Services an application must be completed.  A resume may be submitted, but does not take the place of the application.

Your job application is often an employer’s first impression of you.  It's your first opportunity to “sell” your skills and background.  So think of the application as your doorway to a job interview and keep in mind that, in your absence, your application is you.  Is it neat, accurate, and easily read?  Is it complete?  What does it say about your work, skills, and ability to follow instructions? Will it screen you in ... or out?

The employment application is "sacred" to the agency and will become part of your personnel file IF you are hired.  It is important to complete it legibly and completely.  Your resume and cover letter will not take the place of completing a job application form.  It's a key factor for making a good first impression.

Tips on Filling out the Application

  • Use black or blue pen and print the application neatly.
  • Do not leave blank spaces.  If a questions does not pertain to you, write "N/A" in the space. This indicates that you read the question and did not overlook it.
  • Know specific jobs that you are seeking.  Applications that say, "anything" may be discarded.
  • Always be completely honest on the application.  Misrepresenting yourself can result in being fired later.
  • Give descriptions of duties at former jobs, not just job titles.
  • When giving an address and/or phone number, make sure it is the one where you can be reached for several months.
  • Always list your jobs in reverse chronological order.  Know addresses, telephone numbers, supervisors' names, and dates of employment.
  • A resume may be attached, but always complete the application.  PLEASE DO NOT SAY "SEE RESUME."
  • Sign and date the application.
  • Keep a copy of your completed application – if contacted for an interview, you will need to take a copy of your application with you along with two letters of professional reference. Copying service is not available at Lookout Mountain Community Services.

Be sure the references you have listed on your application can be contacted and are willing to provide a reference for you.  If you leave a number for a reference that cannot be reached, you may forfeit a job opportunity.  Two professional work references are required prior to an offer of employment.  You may also want to attach two work references to your application.  Written work references must be on letterhead, signed by the person giving the reference, and dated.

Contact the Human Resources Department for more information at 706.638.5580 extension 4114.


Lookout Mountain Community Services participates in E-Verify, an electronic employment verification program operated by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in partnership with the Social Security Administration (SSA), to verify the employment eligibility of newly hired employees.

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E-Verify® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. www.dhs.gov/E-Verify

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