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Kaleidoscope is a CARF International accredited program designed to promote independent advancement for persons with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD). In keeping with Lookout Mountain Community Services’ (LMCS) mission to serve and enhance the lives of every member of our community, Kaleidoscope offers many opportunities for those with I/DD.

With over 40 years of experience, Kaleidoscope has an outstanding reputation due to its commitment for providing individualized and community-based supports and services. Kaleidoscope provides year-round, quality-driven social, recreational, vocational and programs.

Through a strength-based approach, a team of dedicated professionals assist individuals and families to achieve goals. Using this process, the team helps each person discover and reach their hopes and dreams for the future. Emphasis is placed on building self-advocacy skills, confidence, and independence.

Each image seen through a kaleidoscope is different. In the same way we recognize that individuals are unique in their strengths, needs, abilities and preferences. Our person-centered program offers many opportunities for individuals to realize their goals and reach their optimum potential.

The goal of Kaleidoscope is to achieve independence, productivity and integration into the community by:

Day Program

  • PAES Lab participation
  • Community Activities
  • Volunteering    
  • Communication and social skills

Supported Employment

  • Part-time employment
  • Full-time employment
  • Job Coaching

Family Support Services

  • Serves ages three (3) and up
  • Therapeutic and recreational activities
  • Respite care
  • Access to special medical supplies
  • Limited medical and dental assistance
  • Behavioral consultation and support

Community Living Support

  • Life skills training (money management, decision making, cooking, etc.)           
  • Case management


  • Supportive Host Homes
  • Integration in family setting
  • Respite care

PAES (Practical Assessment Exploration System) Lab

The PAES Lab provides exploration through hands-on experience, helping individuals identify a job that fits their unique skills and interests. The Lab creates a simulated enviroment where individuals receive guided practice to help them build problem-solving skills, identify areas of need, and remove barriers to success. It also allows them to experience set-backs in a safe environment and learn how to overcome them. Individuals who participate in PAES gain a thorough knowledge of many job skills, have a better understanding of the real working world, and are prepared for success in community employment.

Supported Employment

Kaleidoscope offers the opportunity for individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities to be integrated into the fabric of our communities through achieving employment that is meaningful and rewarding. Through job development, we partner with business leaders to identify unmet needs in their companies and match them with an individual who can meet that need.  Staff provide skills training, job coaching, and continued relationships with employers and workers after employment to ensure success. We also connect individuals with SSI/SSDI to a Benefits Navigator who provides informaiton about how working my impact their benefits.

For more information, click here or contact our Supported Employment Coordinator, Rebecca Clark, at 423.364.2910.


According to the Office of Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD):

  1. Have an intellectual disability since birth or before age 18, or another closely related condition since birth or before age 22, which requires similar services to those needed by people with an intellectual disability
  2. Be at risk for going into an institution for people with intellectual disabilities if you do not get the services you need  in your community.

Application Process

Adults (ages 18 and up)

Click here or call the DBHDD Region 1 Field Office toll-free at 877.217.4462 to complete an application for I/DD services.

In addition, an application for Family Support Services may also need to be submitted (see below).

Children (ages 3-17)

A Family Support Services application will be required to determine eligibility (see below).

Family Support Services Application

Please click the buttons below to download application documents for Family Support Services.

Family Support Services Application

Family Support Services Agreement

Once completed, email the Family Support Services Application AND Agreement to katie.russell@lmcs.org or mail the documents to:

Lookout Mountain Community Services
ATTN: Katie Russell

1427 Lee Clarkson Road

Chickamauga, GA 30707

If you need assistance with these applications, please call 706.375.2142.

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