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Squeegee Squad Wiping Away Misconceptions

by Matt Ledger

(Published in the Walker Messenger)

Squeegee Squad team members from Chickamauga were recently trained by their more experienced counterparts from Cedartown. The combined group mastered the task by cleaning the Chickamauga Public Library’s windows.
(Messenger photo/Matt Ledger)

Members of the Cedartown Squeegee Squad (in red) help train a newly formed group, based in Chickamauga (in green), in the proper  technique of washing windows. Squeegee Squad is a supported employment program for people with developmental or intellectual disabilities.
(Messenger photo/Matt Ledger)

A new program for disabled people seeks to showcase their abilities as productive employees within the community.

Nicknamed the Squeegee Squad, members of this local group recently cleaned the Chickamauga Public Library’s windows to show their support for the community.

This is the newest program offered by Lookout Mountain Community Services, an umbrella organization that has been serving individuals withSqueegee Squad wiping away misconceptions developmental or intellectual disabilities for 40 years.

Rebecca Clark oversees the program in Chickamauga -  similar services are based in Summerville, Cedartown and Dalton - as a supported employment specialist who helps disabled people gain skills that can lead to employment opportunities.

Some of Cedartown’s experienced Squeegee Squad members visited Chickamauga on July 29 to train Clark’s nine-member crew.

“We thought it would be great to do a community service project for the library since they have some financial woes,” Clark said. “It’s a great way for us to show our individuals are giving and participating in the life of the community.”

“The program has been growing every week,” said Cindy Roberson, the Cedartown assisted employment specialist. “They have really mastered the technique.”

Emblazoned with the words “Squeegee Squad,” T-shirts worn by team members help raise public awareness of the program and at the same time serve as an advertisement for new clients, she said.

Clark said she hopes local reaction will be equally strong and noted the group already with an Italian restaurant in Chickamauga, a bakery in LaFayette, and a church in Ringgold.

The Chickamauga program’s members will rotate into the five-person team as the program grows.

Businesses are charged a reasonable fee based on the frequency and number of windows, Clark said.

Anyone interested in the program or in contracting its services can call 706-375-2142, ext. 11 for additional information.

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