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DBHDD Announces 2016 System of Care Community Enhancement and Expansion Fund Recipients

The Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD), Office of Children, Young Adults, and Families (CYF), has named Lookout Mountain Care Management Entity (LM CME) as one of fourteen recipients of its 2016 SYSTEM OF CARE (SOC) Community Enhancement and Expansion Funds.

This two-year grant will provide $100,000 annually to further enhance and expand System of Care philosophy, framework, and processes.  Funds will be targeted to meet two over-arching goals from this grant: 1) Provide training, technical assistance and workforce development opportunities to local system of care partners; 2) Generate and advance support and advocacy of system of care within local communities.

LM CME will provide technical support to strengthen the application of SOC principles within existing SOC structures while collaborating with local partners to expand awareness of system of care principles to new audiences.  Working together, Highland Rivers Health and LM CME will create system of care learning partnerships which enrich the skill sets of the current and upcoming workforce. In addition, cultural and linguistic competency trainings will be provided to enhance service delivery and supports to diverse populations.

In addition to providing training and technical support to partners, SOC grant staff will work with state and local leaders to create a support and coaching structure for the continued development of parent/caregiver and youth leadership and peer support certification.  As a part of this process, additional coaching and support will be provided to assist the Northwest Georgia Federation of Families in creating a sustainable structure which will allow it to broaden its reach to families in the counties served by the grant.

LM CME is thankful to DBHDD for the chance to continue this important work and looks forward to the opportunities and partnerships this new grant will create.

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