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DBHDD Management Academy

Recently, Lookout Mountain Community Services Clinical Director, Carla Myers, attended the DBHDD Management Academy and graduated. The focus of the Management Academy was to provide an environment for DBHDD management and leadership to come together and explore the challenges they face as leaders and to explore ways they could collaborate to face these challenges.

“The academy wanted to bring different departments together within DBHDD in order to bridge gaps and promote communication and understanding among the departments”, stated Myers.  This was the first Cohort that was open to CSBs sending a representative. “The hope was also to create an environment where CSBs and DBHDD could open up a dialogue and understanding as we all have the same goal of serving our communities”.

Myers was asked what the main takeaway for her during the Academy and she stated “Surprisingly for me, one of the largest takeaways was a better understanding of their budgetary process”. “We had a representative from DBHDD’s budget department come and go through how the budget is created and the fiscal cycle”.  “I found this highly interesting; which was a surprise for me”.  Carla also stated that the networking opportunities with other CSBs and those within DBHDD was something she was appreciative of and thankful for. “I made some friends throughout the state of Georgia that I can pick up the phone and call to brainstorm on how they may be handling a situation”. 

Myers believes that her participation will bring about positive results as she continues her work with Lookout Mountain Community Services CSB. The group’s final assignment was to present a project to the Commissioners and DBHDD Representatives. “This project had me working with departments that I was unaware of and helped create a better understanding of those departments and the challenges they face”. Overall, Myers believes this was a worthwhile experience.    

Carla grew-up in Los Alamos, New Mexico and completed her undergraduate degree in Journalism from the University of Kansas in 1995.  Following graduation, she moved around some and ended up embarking on a new career in counseling and earned her Master’s in Community Counseling from North Georgia College and State University in Dahlonega, Georgia in 2007 and then moved to Chattanooga. 

Her first job out of graduate school was with the Council for Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services (CADAS) adolescent residential services at The Scholze Center where she was a counselor and then became the assistant director.
Carla still has family in New Mexico and some are also located here, in Georgia. She has one niece and a nephew who are her everything, Myers states. 

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